Student Leadership

At the beginning of each academic year, during Democracy Week, students in Y7-10 who want to represent their form as Leaders create a 2-minute presentation on why they would be the best person for the role and each form group elects who would be the best person to represent them. In Y11 students are given the opportunity to run for Head Boy and Girl and represent the school at key events.

Our student leaders

  • Take part in regular meetings – giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about their experiences in and around the academy.  
  • Present ideas and initiatives to their peers in form time and in assemblies. 
  • Represent the school at whole school events and represent the Academy in the wider community.   
  • Present ideas to the Senior Leadership Team to promote positive change in line with the school’s development and progress.  
  • Take part in events and tailored workshops, lectures and seminars led by individuals in a leadership position.  

Q & A for Student Leaders

Can any student be a Student Leader?

The student leadership programme is for any student who wishes to represent the school who has a solution-based approach to school issues. It is open to any member of Serlby Park Academy who is willing to put themselves through the rigorous application process. 

What is the application process for the position of Head Boy/Girl in year 11?

Serlby Park Academy operates a two phased application process.

At the start of each academic year, students will have the opportunity to complete an application form. This gives each student the chance to promote themselves as potential positive role models for the school. The presentations allow students to express their views on what they would change in school and most importantly what they would do about it.

A strict deadline date is in place for all applications. Once this date has passed, successful applicants selected by SLT and year leaders.

Students who wish to apply to be Head Boy or Girl will prepare a speech this is presented after school to staff and students. After all the speeches voting is conducted anonymously using ballot boxes.

How many places are available?

Year groups 7 to 11 are allowed up to eight places each, with Y11 also having the addition of Head Boy and Girl.

What’s the point of applying?

Your voice and the voice of the student body, really matters. By working together as a community where students’ ideas are the valued, we can ensure that Serlby Park Academy can be the very best school it can be. It will also develop skills and qualities which help you in your future.

Applying to be a Student Leader is one of the best challenges you can set yourself at such a young age. Speaking out for what you believe in is difficult, yet within this Council you will have the mechanism in place to make changes that benefit you while you have your time at Serlby Park Academy.

Engaging with debate and being solution focused will undoubtedly help you in College or when you start work.

By having a Student Leadership role present on your CV, this will open doors to courses, apprenticeship schemes and part time jobs that other students will not be able to access. It will give you a competitive edge on your peers when it comes to the next phase in your academic or working life.