At three points in the year your teachers will provide an attitude to learning score for each of your lessons. The score is based on your attitude towards your school work; the presentation of your book; effort in homework and participation within your lessons. The scoring system is as follows:

1 – Outstanding in all areas

2 – Good in all areas but with room for improvement

3 – Satisfactory but needs some improvement to support progress

4 – Unsatisfactory levels of effort – Intervention needed

Your scores are added up at each point of the year. The more scores of effort 1 you achieve the more you move up the learner reward system.

Bronze learner – 10 or over effort 1 are achieved

Silver learner – 22 or over effort 1 are achieved

Gold learner – 35 or over effort 1 are achieved

Your scores will roll over in each academic year so you can continue to grow as a celebrated learner!

When you achieve each level of learner, you will receive a new badge to wear proudly on your blazer. You will also be invited to participate in an awards event which is reserved only for our new level learners.