Information for Local Employers

Serlby Park Academy is at the heart of the Harworth and Bircotes community, and we are always striving to provide our students with meaningful experiences to help them succeed in the future. In order to help prepare our students for the world of work we would like to partner with local businesses, community organisations and individuals to inspire, motivate and inform students of all the wonderful opportunities available to them.

Local Employers

  • Are you a local business, wanting to give back to your community or looking to identify future employees?
  • Are you an Alumnus of the school, wanting to share your career journey with current students?
  • Are you a community organisation, wanting the students to help solve a challenge you have? How can you get involved?

We understand that time is valuable and consequently we are happy to work with employers to find a delivery method and activity that suits your requirements. Activities could include:

  • Speaking at an assembly or to classroom of students
  • Sharing your career journeys experience via a virtual meeting
  • Set the students an enterprise challenge linked to your business or organisation
  • Participating in a career fair or speed networking event
  • Offering our students work experience placements
  • Support our student with mock interviews.

We would work with you to find the most suitable option based on your needs and availability. We are also always looking for innovative ways to work with our partners, so we would be happy to discuss alternative options. Benefits of working with you by working with us and our students you could benefit from:

  • Giving back to the local community
  • Inspiring future generations
  • Promoting your business and sector
  • Identify potential future employees

What Next?

Please contact our Careers Leader, Andy Hofheinz  or 01302742535 for further information. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

In the meantime, you may also be interested in learning about the Gatsby Benchmarks, CEC and D2N2 Skills Strategy