PE & Sport Science

Meet the Team

Head of Faculty: Mrs T Hunt (Associate Assistant Principal)

Teacher of PE : Mr G Whitehouse

PE Support: Mrs K King

We believe that Physical Education plays a significant role in a student’s development into adulthood. Our curriculum allows students to develop a clear understanding of what leads to a healthy, active lifestyle across several different concepts and activities, covered throughout the PE curriculum. Physical Education provides a range of experiences which provide the foundation for students to lead a healthy, active lifestyle through sporting and recreational activity. We believe the approach taken to Physical Education at Serlby Park will provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to do so, no matter their sporting ability, as our primary focus is placed on effort and aspiration. However, we do aim to inspire pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport, if it is something they wish to pursue. Our curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to experience a wide variety of different sports and activities. This will enable them to identify activities which they enjoy and will want to continue after they leave education, and into later life. We teach all students to become physically confident and develop resilience in a way which supports their fitness, wellbeing, physical and mental health. The opportunities provided at Serlby Park allow them to build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

The aims of the PE concept curriculum are:
• Deliver a high-quality physical education curriculum, which inspires all pupils to discover a love for physical activity
• Provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way in which supports their health and fitness.
• Provide opportunities to compete in sport and other activities.
• Build character and embed British values such as the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance.
• Prepare pupils by securing foundations for progression onto OCR Sport Science and the desire to lead a lifelong healthy, active lifestyle.

Throughout the 5-year curriculum we aim to place focus upon a different concept relating to physical activity & student wellbeing, or lifelong skills.
These areas will underpin the lessons at each key stage and will be taught through the typical sports and activities expected within a PE curriculum.

Key stage 3 PE Curriculum

Pupils in KS3 (7/8/9) are taught the basic skills, techniques, and tactics needed to take part competently, and competitively in sports activities. The skills and tactics will build in complexity and difficulty each year. Throughout the activity, key areas of communication and teamwork (where appropriate) will be built upon, and an appreciation for their own, and others strengths and areas for improvement will be established. Pupils will be expected to rise to the challenge of officiating and coaching a variety of skills / tactics to support their own, and others learning and development. Skills will be taught each lesson and then developed and practiced within competitive situations / creation of sequences to incorporate the skills learnt (Gymnastics / Dance). Under pinning all lessons will be teaching the key lifelong skill of resilience. Letting pupils feel comfortable & secure enough to fail frequently but not be afraid to have another attempt.

Key Stage 4 Core PE Curriculum

Year 10/ 11 Core PE offer – Range of Invasion games such as: football, rugby, netball and basketball. Range of net games such as: badminton and table tennis. And also athletics and striking and fielding games that include: rounders and softball. Health and fitness will also be access via the attached leisure centre fitness suite.

Pupils should be taught to:
• Use and develop a variety of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in team and individual games for example, football, netball, rugby, hockey, basketball, badminton, volleyball, rounders, and tennis
• Develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports, for example, athletics, or other physical activities
• Evaluate their performance compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement across a range of physical activities to achieve their full potential

OCR Sport Science Key Stage 4

Selecting OCR Sport Science as an option will give learners the opportunities to explore different areas of sport which can lead to several different future career pathways. It will also enable learners to enhance their English and mathematical competence in relevant, applied scenarios. The course will support students’ development of transferable interpersonal skills, including working with others, independent study and personal learning and thinking skills. It will also give learners a route through education that has clear progression pathways to further study or an Apprenticeship.